03 March 2014
Mango the Best

Dice a mango quickly by keeping it on the skin instead of peeling it first. 

Slice off the sides of the fruit, cut the flesh of the mango into a grid right in the skin, then flip it inside out and slice everything off the skin.

When I was new to coaching I had all the hear and passoin, and was very much so lacking direction. (You know, that in over my head part you mentioned) Now, years into doing what I love I have to say that the MENTOR coaching, especially through the beginning, was key. And then when road bumps showed up around re-enrolling clients into coaching I truly believed they needed, it was back to the mentor board with Brenda for key distinctions. Thanks Brenda! Great reminders here. [url=]xhukdthsm[/url] [link=]lyeehr[/link]
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