13 May 2014
Melon Ball Ice Cube



Here’s a quick and easy idea to give your drinks some fun summer colors and flavor: make melon ball ice cubes. These melon ball ice cubes can be used as “ice” for cocktails – just keep in mind that they will add a slightly melon flavor to the drink. We also love using them as pretty ice cubes for sparkling water. You can use a variety of different melons: watermelon, cantaloupe, classic honeydew melon, and white honeydew melon. White honeydew melons have a yellow skin, but their flesh is white and the taste is very similar to a regular honeydew melon. You can prepare these melon ball ice cubes with a mix of different melons or just one type of melon.




1. Rinse the melons, cut them in half and remove the seeds.

2. Use a melon baler to scoop out the melon balls from the fruit. Don’t worry if they’re not all perfectly round – they will flatten slightly when you freeze them.

3. Use a baking sheet or flat platter that can fit in your freezer. Line the baking sheet with parchment paper or wax paper.

4. Arrange the melon balls on the baking sheet. Make sure that the melon balls are not touching (or they will freeze together).

5. Freeze the melon balls for a few hours or until completely frozen. Remove them from the freezer and transfer them to a freezer bag. Place the bag in the freezer until ready to use.

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