14 July 2014
Raw Tomato & Basil Soup




 3 medium ripe tomatoes


3 sun-dried tomato slices 

2 stalks of celery 

a pinch of onion powder

a pinch of garlic powder

1-2 sprigs basil

1/2 avocado

sea salt to taste


 Cut the tomatoes in half and put in blender. (If you do not have a high speed blender you may need to add extra water to help the mixture blend OR you may want to try using a food processor instead).

Add sun dried tomatoes and blend until smooth.

While the blender is still going, add the celery, sea salt, onion and garlic powder and keep blending until fully incorporated.

Then add the basil and continue to blend.

Finally, add the avocado and blend for just a few seconds to combine. Enjoy!

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