07 March 2014
Veggie Broth Ice Cube

Ever wonder what to do with the rest of that huge container of veggie broth

you just opened but won’t be able to use before it goes bad?

Pour the rest of it into an ice cube tray and freeze it! Once they’re frozen, you can transfer the cubes to a freezer bag to free up your ice cube tray. Then, the next time you need veggie broth, you’ll have convenient little cubes ready of it ready and waiting! Two cubes is roughly equal to to 1/4 cup. Cool, right?

the cube stays due to the vacuum crteae when u push against the glass. by cutting u will reduce the amt of air in the cube n so less vacuum force although it shd still stick. u must make sure ur cube is fresh as in nt damp (damp means there will be little air in the cube). what i assume is your cube when u cut it is exposed to dampness either from the air or your hand or other stuff. if nt in a split sec when u put the cube into the tank, u press it HARD agn the glass n slide it a little n it will stay. if reali reali cannot, worse come to worse u jus soak it for awhile n den feed ur fishes. they will still enjoy it. cheeros! [url=]cbnzznjp[/url] [link=]jcrvjdoay[/link]
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