No Medications, No Special Foods, No Surgeries, No Heavy Exercise.

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    Pauline Vellarin (Lost 30 pounds in 4 weeks) Brooklyn, NY
    April 10, 1997 Dear Dr. Sadkhin: I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. I was able to reach my goal weight and I’m much happier. I feel healthier and I have more energy than I did before I started the program. Not to mention that I’ve been getting compliments left and right on my appearance, Now the only problem I have is to find a good tailor who can make alternations on my clothes which are now too big for me. I really appreciate everything you’ve done. Thanks again. Sincerely, Pauline Vellarin
    Tony Geruino (Lost 93 pounds in 3, 5 month), Brooklyn, NY
    7/6/99 I have just lost 93 pounds in 3 ¼ months by following the advice of Dr. Sadkhin. I can tell you that his is the only diet plan that works. Not only do you lose weight, but you feel 10 years younger and you have tons of energy. Your work performance improves greatly. Thanks Dr. Sadkhin
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    LEMON MINT ICE CUBES Such an easy (and fun!) way to add flavor to beverages. Ingredients: ... 1½ cups packed fresh mint leaves (~ 1.1 oz) 2½ tablespoon fresh lemon juice (juice from 1 lemon) 4 cups water Instructions: 1. In a blender or food processor combine mint, lemon juice, and a small amount of the water until mint is finely chopped. 2. Add mixture to the remaining water, mix well, pour in ice cube trays, and freeze. 3. Once frozen, store ice cubes in zip top plastic bag in freezer until ready to use.
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    1 medium cabbage
    1 onion 
    1 carrot 
    1 beet 
    1 white radish 
    ¼ glass of white wine 
    Peel beet and put it into boiling water.
    Grate the onion and carrot.
    Simmer the mix in the white wine.
    Add chopped white radish to the boiling water. 
    Add chopped cabbage and beet leaves to the wine simmer.
    Mix together 
    Before serving add garlic and herbs. 

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The Sadkhin Method® attacks the problem of obesity and excess weight at its source: HUNGER. Combining years of research and modern therapeutic techniques, this program targets the hunger causing elements in your life and quickly adjusts your body to a healthier state. The Sadkhin Complex® is much more than a way to lose weight, it is a way into a healthier, slimmer and happier you!

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