The Sadkhin Method® - This program is designed to help you achieve safe, rapid weight loss. It includes our patented chrono-stimulation technique for hunger control as well as an eating plan based on optimal nutrition to help you rejuvenate your body, synchronize your organ function and balance your endocrine and nervous system.

The Sadkhin Method® is designed to help you change your eating habits and lose weight rapidly and safely. Clients can expect to lose 5%-10% of their excess body weight within the first ten days.


*Certified Sadkhin Practitioners are individuals who have undergone extensive training in the various techniques and methodologies used in The Sadkhin Method®, and are authorized to perform The Sadkhin Method® to help you achieve rapid weight loss and better health. CS Practitioners will always display a certified diploma, issued by Dr. Sadkhin, showing their qualifications. Please beware of imitators who were not trained, nor authorized, to use The Sadkhin Method® – these individuals will not produce the same results and may be harmful.