No Medications, No Special Foods, No Surgeries, No Heavy Exercise.

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    Ricky Minuskin, Brooklyn, NY
    Ricky Minuskin I loved the treatment. The Doctor is wonderful. I have reached my goal. Thank you so much! The program is difficult but excellent and rewarding!!
    Andres Gleich, Manhattan, NY
    Dear Gregory Sadkhin. HAVE YOU WRITTEN YOUR BOOK YET? The program you made in nutrition and diet is impressive. You have touched many lives and have improved the level of health and happiness in each of them. I would first like to thank you, because among those your have helped, have been family and friends. I am intrigued and fascinated by the work you do. While I am currently not overweight, I once was, and I identify with the emotional pain that often accompanies obesity. Further, I appreciate the physical threat which obesity created in a wide range of symptoms. Personal health affects every aspect of one’s life and I am therefore glad to have heard of you. I believe that it is important for more people to be reached by your methods. Your work could help so many who have been frustrated by traditional approached to weight loss. I would be glad to discuss with you the possibility of co-authoring a book. Such a book would be a medium to reaching many thousands and accumulating revenues to expand your current practice. The opportunities are exciting. Please call me Sincerely, Andres Gleich
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     Ingredients:  1 cucumber 1 avocado 1 tomato 1 lime Himalayan salt pea sprouts  Directions:  1. Start by cutting a full cucumber into four. Then hollow each individual cucumber “boat” by removing the seeds with a spoon. Place the cucumber boats aside. 2. Cut one avocado in half and use a spoon to remove the flesh from each shell and into a bowl. 3. Use the spoon to stir the avocado until it is a creamy consistency. 4. Dice one tomato. Add the diced tomatoes to the bowl. 5. Add a generous squeeze of lime and about a teaspoon of salt. Use the spoon to mix the creamy avocado filling. 6. Delicately lay a few pea sprouts at the bottom of each cucumber boat. 7. Scoop out the avocado mixture from the bowl into the cucumber boats. Then distribute the mixture evenly within each boat.   Use local and organic products whenever possible. Enjoy!
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    3 cups fresh carrot juice 
    1 large avocado 
    Handful of alfalfa sprouts cut into thirds 
    Small sprig of parsley or cilantro leaves
    Make carrot juice.
    Cut avocado in half.
    Place carrot juice and avocado in blender, and blend until smooth.
    Put sprouts and parsley on top of the soup.
    Note: Any combination of vegetables juice can be used to make this soup.

You try keeping up with exercise and dieting, but keep failing the commitment. Life is too short to constantly keep to a strict diet, and there are many day-to-day stress issues at home and at work, preventing you from a truly healthy lifestyle. Here, at SadkhinTherapy®, we understand and we can help you deal with that problem. Ask yourself just one simple question: Am I ready to lose weight, look great and feel amazing without aggressively changing my lifestyle? If your answer is “YES”, then The Sadkhin Method® is a perfect choice for you.  Simply affordable and easy to adapt, The Sadkhin Method® works from the very moment you start the program. First results appear in just 24-48 hours, and an average weight loss of 20-25 lbs. can be monitored on a monthly basis.


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