25 February 2015
Red, Orange and Yellow Fruits and Vegetables

Red and Orange fruits and vegetables are most well known for having lots of beta-carotene. Beta carotene is an antioxidant that is good for your whole body. It keeps the heart healthy and protects against cancer and other harmful diseases.


• A Great Source of Fiber

• High in Vitamin C

• Contain lots of Beta-Carotene


Yellow fruits and vegetables are usually colored by natural plant pigments called "carotenoids." Beta-carotene in sweet potatoes, pumpkins and carrots is converted to vitamin A, which helps maintain healthy mucous membranes and healthy eyes. Scientists have also reported that carotenoid-rich foods can help reduce risk of cancer, heart disease and can improve immune system function. 


• Good Vision

• A Healthy Immune System

• Healthy Skin

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