Decaf Misto (Milk & Decaf Coffee)
Pour milk and decaf coffee togetherAdd Sadkhin honey to make it sweeter. ...

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Hot Latte (At starbucks or Home)
Steam the milkAdd sugar free VanillaAdd ground cinnamonIf you want it sweeter, add Sadkhin honey ...

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Pour 4 Oz. of whole milk into a blenderAdd ice cubes and blendFreeze solid overnightIn the morning, pour decaf coffee into blender to make a coolata ...

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Refreshing Herbal Soup
Chop Dill, Parsley, and CilantroMix in with 8 ounces of buttermilk or yogurtSqueeze in lemon and add a tablespoon of honeyAdd salt and pepper. ...

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Yogurt “Akroshka”
500 grams of plain yogurt 100 grams of boiled water 10 grams of chopped dill Salt Mix scallions and dill with blended yogurt, water, and salt.Add garlic and lemon juice for flavor.*May be eaten on milk days*. ...

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