White Radish Salad
500 grams of radish100 grams of blueberries50 grams of honeyChop radish.Add blueberries to radish and mix carefully, making sure not to crush the blueberries. ...

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Red Cabbage Salad
400 grams of red cabbage50 grams of onions1 tbsp of honey Any of our dressings Peel onion and cut into half rings.Mix rings with chopped cabbage.Use honey or any of our dressings to top. ...

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Summer Salad
250 grams of white radish 250 grams of carrots Wash radish and carrots.Peel and cut.Mix. ...

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Beet Salad
1 red beetBasil leaves ½ teaspoon of paprika Salt One of our dressingsWash, peel, and chop beet.Add pepper, salt, and dressing to the beets.Add basil leaves and serve. ...

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Autumn Salad
400 grams of cabbage200 grams of sweet red pepper 50 grams of cilantro Chop cabbage and carrots.Cut peppers into half rings and chop cilantro.Mix all ingredients together and use any of our dressings to top. ...

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Pumpkin Salad
½ pumpkin1 cabbage 1 yellow apple Honey Grate pumpkin, cabbage, and apple.Top with honey.*Recommended for most skin problems.* ...

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