Broccoli Soup
3 sticks of broccoli1 zucchini 1 cilantro Dill and parsleySalt Place chopped broccoli, zucchini, and cilantro root into boiling water but do not allow to fully boil. Remove ingredients and blend. Before serving add herbs. ...

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Mendy’s London Soup
3 large tomatoes 3 large onions Kosher salt Bake tomatoes and onions together after generously sprinkling with salt for approximately 15 minutes at 350 degrees. Once soft, place into a pot with boiling water and continue cooking until you get a soupy consistency. ...

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Beet Leaf Soup
500 grams of beet leaves 100 grams of carrot leaves 2 liters of water 100 grams of onions Salt Peel and chop onions. Wash and chop beet leaves.Simmer onions and herbs in either white dry wine or water.Add everything to a pot and boil for approximately 3 minutes. ...

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“Bullion” with Onions
200 grams of onions100 grams of carrots50 grams of dill, and parsley 1 liter of water Lemon juice Wash all herbs and chop.Pell carrot and cut into thin pieces.Add cold water to mix and boil for approximately 30 minutes.Cool and add lemon juice. You may sip up to 2 liters per day. ...

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Pumpkin Soup
400 grams of pumpkin 200 grams of apricots 100 grams of honey Pinch of vanilla extract 1 liter of water Wash apricots and boil for approximately 3-5 minutes.Drain and chop apricots.  Put remaining boiled water to the side. Wash pumpkin, peel it from its core, chop ...

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Cauliflower Soup
½ head of cauliflower 1 carrot 2 celery roots Boil cauliflower, carrot, and celery but do not bring to a full boil. Cool ingredients and blend. Add herbs to each plate of soup and serve. ...

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