No Medications, No Special Foods, No Surgeries, No Heavy Exercise.

  • Testimonials
    Chava Levy (From size 24 to size 8) Brooklyn, NY
    Dear Dr. Sadkhin, Thank you so very much for how you have helped me lose weight. I was a size 24 and am now a size 8. I am still following the plan and doing well. Thank you again, Chava Levy, R.N., RCSW
    Judith E. Brucclo Carella (Lost 105 pounds in 3,5 month) Brooklyn, NY
    Dr. Sadkhin, May all the joy the season brings be yours during the holidays and throughout the new year. It’s been since sept. 95- Started with you at 273 lbs. + now I’m down to 168 lbs. + I look and feel great. Thanks to you Judith E. Brucclo Carella
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    WATERMELON WINE SPRITZERS Ingredients: 2 cups small cubed chilled seedless watermelon1 bottle chilled Chardonnay2 tablespoons honey12 ounces chilled sparkling mineral water Instructions: Divide the watermelon among 6 to 8 white wine glasses, then divide the wine, honey, and sparkling water among the glasses and give them a quick stir. Serve immediately. Servings: Makes 6 to 8 spritzers.
  • Popular Recipes

    3 medium beets (for 1 cup of beet juice)
    1 lb. carrots (for 1 cup fresh carrot juice)
    1 chopped green cabbage, shredded
    1 tsp. dill
    1 cup of beets (finely grated)
    1 tsp. of lemon juice
    (Add one tsp. of honey if you want a bit of sweetness)
    Put beets and carrots through a juicer so you have a cup of juice from each. Place beet juice, carrot juice, green onion, cabbage and dill into a blender and blend.
    In a bowl, mix grated beet, avocado and blender contents.
    Chill the borscht in the refrigerator. (Serve2)

You try keeping up with exercise and dieting, but keep failing the commitment. Life is too short to constantly keep to a strict diet, and there are many day-to-day stress issues at home and at work, preventing you from a truly healthy lifestyle. Here, at Sadkhin Complex®, we understand and we can help you deal with that problem. Ask yourself just one simple question: Am I ready to lose weight, look great and feel amazing without aggressively changing my lifestyle? If your answer is “YES”, then The Sadkhin Method® is a perfect choice for you.  Simply affordable and easy to adapt, The Sadkhin Method® works from the very moment you start the program. First results appear in just 24-48 hours, and an average weight loss of 20-25 lbs. can be monitored on a monthly basis.


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