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Our White Plains office has Moved!

New Address is:

277 Martine Ave, Suite 210
White Plains, NY 10601
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Welcome to The Sadkhin Complex®, a revolutionary, all natural approach to weight loss. We are happy to have you join the thousands of people who have successfully lost weight and rejuvenated their bodies using The Sadkhin Method®. It is easy to follow, and you will start to see effect almost immediately. This program was developed for people who are tired of not getting the results they want.

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The Sadkhin Method® attacks the problem of obesity and excess weight at its source: HUNGER. Combining years of research and modern therapeutic techniques, this program targets the hunger causing elements in your life and quickly adjusts your body to a healthier state. The Sadkhin Complex® is much more than a way to lose weight, it is a way into a healthier, slimmer and happier you!

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